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Advocate for Pharmacare in Saskatchewan!

Contraception is a human right which every person who can get pregnant should have access to. Contraceptive options not only help to prevent unplanned pregnancies, but can also be used for treatment of ovarian and endometrial diseases, management of painful menstruation, and can aid in prevention of some gynaecological cancers.


Currently, one of the most prohibitive factors in accessing contraception is cost. Countless lives are drastically affected every year because these essential options are not affordable. We at UACSask refuse to accept this. For this reason, we have made it our mission to advocate for universal coverage of contraception for all Saskatchewan residents.


Thank you for your interest in our cause. The time to act is now, and we are stronger together!

Tell Us Your Story

Barriers to accessing contraception are all too common in Saskatchewan. Share your story with us so we can better advocate for universal access to contraception for all of Saskatchewan. 

Tell Us Your Story

Thank you for sharing!

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